About Takayama

Created in April 1998, Takayama has become a leader in terms of strategic advices, innovations and communication for industries, such as Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetical Industries. Since its creation, Takayama has developed his scientific expert network, ensure his experience and widen his field of actions, to offer you the best scientific and strategic services.

Takayama has worked in many therapeutic and preventive areas, including obesity, neuro-degenerative diseases, Infertility, Antioxidants and Polyphenols, Cancer, Oxidative Stress.

Nowadays, Takayama manages the scientific and logistic aspects of the following topics:
– Antioxidants & Oxidative Stress
– Mitochondria
– Microbiota
– Stevia & related sweeteners
– Olfaction & Digital Olfaction
– Infectious Diseases…

Our main partners are:
– Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry
– Food Industry
– Cosmetic Industry


Takayama Conferences

– Scientific watch among ingredients used in Food, Pharmaceutical, or Cosmetic Industry
– Planning conferences about highly specialized fields, to be aware of latest research advance and market situation.

– World Mitochondria Society Congress www.targeting-mitochondria.com
– International Society of Microbiota Congress www.microbiota-site.com
– International Society of Antioxidants and French Society of Antioxidants www.isanh.com / www.sfa-site.com
– Polyphenols Congress www.polyphenols-site.com
– Phage Therapy & Antibiotic Resistance congress www.tid-site.com
– Digital Olfaction Society congress www.olfaction-site.com
– World Stevia Organization congress www.wso-site.com
– Medical Devices Courses www.md-site.com


Takayama Consulting

can provide you
– An analysis of the future trends on your market
– Advices about strategic development
– Our strong value added with our avant-gardist and pertinent vision of your market
– A management of your business to business communication
– Our knowledge: We can provide you our best scientists network. They all have already published articles in the best world magazines. Thanks to their pertinent vision and analysis, we can help you to solve your problem with efficiency, and show you the best way to develop your business.

Takayama Intelligence Report

– Intelligence reports with the last advances on scientific and medical research in all health fields to companies,universities, strategic and financial institutes
– Clear, short or global reports help to take a strategic and crucial decision. Prepared by 2 or 3 scientists; each one can deliver his own vision and analysis
– Linking business to information
– Intelligence reports and files to better inform the key decision maker and key leaders opinion
– Press releases about your company activities or new product launched



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